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Captain Steve's 3D Fish

Captain Steve's 3D Fish
Manufacturer #:5745

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AHOY! Welcome to Captain Steve's 3D Fish! We will have you hooked on these 3D Fish designs. This special edition includes 4 different fish. Each fish has designs including Free Form Fins, the Fish Body and the Fish Head which we will show you step-by-step how to create and attach these designs to make a 3-dimensional under the sea art piece. The new 3D technique we have created has become so popular we had to incorporate that same theme into this collection. We also have included detailed instructions on how to create a background and frame to showcase these beautiful creatures of the sea. To create the background, we provided 5 different folded fabric quilt blocks each in 5 sizes. You'll love to create this project and learn this new and exciting technique! All Aboard!