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Seed Packets

Seed Packets
Manufacturer #:NSKU-2428

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The idea for this collection came up during on of our art retreats. We were all passing around images of ideas and a few of us had pictures of vintage seed packs. We all agreed that we should createembroidered versions so we went about creating this collection. We created these designs using applique and they look beautiful when stitched. When the collection was finished we had a great idea to make it even better. We created a different version that turns the seed pack designs into free-standing embroidery. The designs now resemble actual seed packs and can be placed on a stick to decorate plants or flowers. Adding these designs to a flower or plant would make the perfect gift. Of course you could always embroider them on clothing, bags, placemats or any other item and they would look equally as beautiful. The step-by-step instructions to make the free standing designs are included in the tutorial.