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Seasonal Napkin Corners

Seasonal Napkin Corners
Manufacturer #:NSKU-2423

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We have released Napkin Corners and Christmas Napkin Corners, but this is the first time we've released a Seasonal Napkin Corners collection. This is a Projects Collection with a design for every season. With so many options, you'll want to throw a dinner party every month! Choose between Halloween pumpkins, Easter bunnies and eggs, or spice it up with our fiesta design! Be sure to check out the Seasonal Corners and Borders collection to receive matching designs to spruce up tablecloths as well. By having both collections you'll be able to create a table masterpiece! All of the napkin corner designs have a corner and border that matches in order to create a spectacular spread for your dinning table. Visit our website www. anitagoodesignonline.com for additional information and videos.