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Quilting 1,2,3

Quilting 1,2,3
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Five years ago Anita Goodesign revolutionized the quilting industry with our Foundations collection. That collection allowed you to take our Mix and Match quilting backgrounds and merge them with your own designs to create perfect quilts every time. The choices in the Foundations collection were limited in choice, but the collection was groundbreaking none the less. The Foundations collection was followed by our Quilting Essentials, Beautiful Blocks and Borders and Christmas Blocks and Borders. Those collections added many different options like different borders, shapes and ways to create beautiful quilts. Well, believe it or not, after five years of using this system we have made it even easier!
Welcome to Quilting 1,2,3. We re-invented Mix and Match quilting so that you will have even more choices and those choices are easier to implement. You will be creating beautiful quilts in no time. We have invented a simple system. First you choose your background, then you choose your frame, then you merge the design of your choice onto your quilt block. It is that easy! Here is an overview of everything the Quilting 1, 2, 3.. Collection contains.